Dear Independent Restaurant Owner,

Let's start by finding out if this website is what you're looking for...  Can you relate to any of the following:

  • I want new customers to find my restaurant.

  • I want to keep existing customers thinking about my restaurant.

  • I want more people to know about my restaurant.

  • I want to increase my lunch-time business and/or dinner-time business.

  • I want more "every day" customers to come in.

  • I want to increase my restaurant's daily sales volume.

  • I want people to know about my restaurant in spite of its location.

Usually, owners find this site after they've tried some things that simply didn't work well enough for them.  They'll say things to me like:

  • "I can't get people to come in..."

  • "What I'm doing right now just isn't driving enough sales..."

  • "Things have changed and I'm losing customers..."

  • "My daily sales volume is just too inconsistent..."

  • "I need some new marketing and promotion ideas..."

Is this ringing any bells?  if so, let's explore...

This Is Essential Knowledge...

There's a reason that your path has crossed with mine at just this time -- and it's a good reason...

The fact is, there's a massive amount of knowledge that you've already acquired in opening and operating your restaurant.  There's all this front-of-house and back-of-house knowledge you've gained that the normal person has no clue about.

And, there are two more things that are essential knowledge if your restaurant is to be the success you want it to be...

  1. Marketing

  2. Sales

And that's my purpose...that's the reason you and I have come together right that you can get all the restaurant marketing and restaurant sales enhancing knowledge that's in my head over into yours.

Let me explain...

It No Longer Makes Any Sense...

Now that you've found this website, it no longer makes any sense to struggle along trying to get enough people in to break even.

It no longer makes any sense for your parking lot to sit vacant and your dining tables empty while the restaurant down the street is packed out day after day and night after night.

NOW! It's time for you to move towards significant and meaningful profits.

And, your opportunity to do that is right here...right at this time...

By the way...  I'm assuming that both your operating capital and your marketing budget are limited.

That's why the ONLY thing you'll ever get from me are innovative strategies and tactics that are cost-effective, simple to implement, and generate big results within your restaurant right away.

Let's get more into this generating big results...

Taking The Mystery Out Of Making Money...

In reality, there are a thousand ways and more to market a restaurant.  Plus, there's just as many ways and more to enhance restaurant sales.  But, behind all of these different ways, there are just a few simple core concepts that don’t ever change

And, it's you understanding these core restaurant marketing and restaurant sales concepts that will empower you to finally enjoy the level of success in your restaurant that you're looking for.

In other words, when you understand these core concepts, doing the kind of marketing that drives sales within your restaurant will no longer be an allusive, mysterious, ethereal “something” that you know you are supposed to be doing but aren’t quite sure how to do it.

However, there's a best way to learn...

The Traditional Way To Get What You're Missing...

In the normal model, a restaurant owner takes classes, reads books, goes to seminars, hires consultants, etc. in order to acquire the knowledge that he or she needs. 

Often, this knowledge is mostly academic...

Which leaves the restaurant owner with the problem of figuring out how to actually implement all that academic knowledge in a way that's beneficial and profitable to his or her restaurant. 

It's learn first and then go through the often frustrating process of figuring out how to capitalize on that knowledge after the fact.

But, not so here...

I've made it way easier for you...

I think you're really going to like this...

The Best Way To Get What You're Missing...

Experience proves that there's no better way to learn something than by doing it.

Specifically, the way you can easily learn everything you need to know about marketing your restaurant and increasing your restaurant's sales-volume is to implement the monthly Restaurant Business-Building Strategies that I've put together for you.

With what I've put together for you, you'll be implementing Restaurant Business-Building Strategies that:

  • Bring in NEW customers/guests

  • Bring back EXISTING customers/guests more often

  • Increase average ticket-sales and daily SALES VOLUME

  • Engender customer/guest LOYALTY

With these monthly Restaurant Business-Building Strategies, you'll be doing as you're learning and you'll be learning as you're doing.

You'll be profiting every step of the way even as you're gaining restaurant marketing expertise, sales-building experience, and true financial independence.

Has it struck you yet...just how powerful and timely this is for you?

Let's continue...

Don't Get Caught "Holding The Bag"...

I should acknowledge right here that it’s not your fault that marketing is such a misunderstood function of business. 

Traditional restaurant marketing advice tells you to advertise on radio, TV, and in newspapers. But, as you've probably already found out, when it's all said and done, this kind of marketing mostly leaves you “holding the bag” -- a very expensive bag with too few results...'re left wondering what exactly it was that you got for all that money...and the only thing you are sure about is that it didn't give you the results you wanted.

It’s no wonder most restaurant owners aren’t doing much marketing.

But unfortunately, without good restaurant marketing in place, your restaurant’s sales will suffer. 

That means it's best if you do something to boost your restaurant's sales-volume sooner rather than later.

I assure you, these monthly Restaurant Business-Building Strategies I've put together for you are NOT about vague ideas or expensive “Madison Avenue” or "Institutional" marketing techniques that leave you wondering what you're getting for your money. 

They ARE about giving you REAL strategies, tactics, and tools that are proven to fill restaurants with customers and significantly increase restaurant sales.

Let's get more specific...

The Specifics Of Creating Restaurant Riches...

Available to you is a series of twelve (12) tested and proven Restaurant Business-Building Strategies that are delivered to you at a rate of one per month...

And, just so you know, these strategies are specifically designed for the USA-based independent restaurant owner who's ready to:

  1. Get more new customers/guests to come in.

  2. Get existing customers/guests to come in more often.

  3. Sell all customers/guests more when they do come in.

Now, let me give you the specific objective of each strategy...

Strategy #1 -- Get NEW customers in fast -- in as few as three days -- generating an infusion of cash to give you some breathing room.  This strategy is the start of turning your restaurant business around for the better because the goal is to double the number of customers you have coming into your restaurant.

Strategy #2 -- Get more NEW customers -- in a way that instills a tremendous loyalty in these NEW customers towards your restaurant.  This strategy will enable you to get a stream of new customers month in and month out for as long as you own your restaurant -- or until you've got all the customers you can handle.

Strategy #3 -- Get even more NEW customers -- through the use of FREE TV, Radio, and Print advertising.  With this strategy, the News Media will happily tell everyone in your local community about your restaurant at ZERO cost to you.

Strategy #4 -- Get customers to come in more often -- now that the first three strategies have brought you an influx of new diners -- plus whatever ones you already had -- this strategy shows you how to get customers emotionally-involved in coming back to your restaurant again and again.

Strategy #5 -- Get more NEW customers -- This strategy is special in that you'll bring in new customers who are the specific KIND of customers that you WANT.  Maybe you want a more affluent kind of customer...  Maybe, you want a more family-oriented kind of customer...  Whatever kind of customer it is that you want more of in your restaurant, this strategy will enable you to bring them in.

Strategy #6 -- Get customers to come in more often -- with this strategy, your customers will have a specific and pleasant reason to think about visiting your restaurant every month for the next twelve months.  At the same time, it often works out such that your customers will tell their friends and family about your restaurant -- bringing you both repeat business AND new customers.

Strategy #7 -- Get customers to come in more often -- who says those early weeknights have to be slow?  With this strategy you'll find out how to fill up your restaurant on those supposedly "off" nights.

Strategy #8 -- Get customers to come in more often -- your restaurant -- that's both you and the people who work for you -- is silently broadcasting a powerful marketing message that comes through loud and clear to everyone who comes in contact with your restaurant.  After you've implemented this strategy, your employees will generate a powerfully-positive marketing message that has customers rolling back in.  This strategy will be another major turning point for your restaurant.

Strategy #9 -- This strategy works on all three levels -- getting new customers, getting existing customers to come in more often, and selling customers more when they do come in.  Specifically, this is a complete 13-week waitstaff training program that creates bigger sales for you and bigger tips for your servers.  By the end of this training, your servers will know exactly how to properly and easily up-sell and cross-sell -- in a way that turns guests on instead of off.  Plus, your servers will actually be inspired to deliver the kind of customer care and service that will make your restaurant famous. (Note: this is the same material that restaurant owners pay me $1,500 to come in and teach to their servers.)

Strategy #10 -- This strategy works on all three levels -- getting new customers, getting existing customers to come in more often, and selling customers more when they do come in.  More specifically, you'll find out how to consistently increase your restaurant business by double-digit -- even triple-digit percentages.  This kind of growth may not seem realistic to you right now but when you realize there are a few elite restaurateurs who are already doing so, then you'll realize that you can do it too.  Literally, you can expect that by the end of this strategy, your brain will be rewired to think in a totally new and powerful way that will generate profits for you for the rest of your life.  (Note: this is the same business consulting material that restaurant owners pay me $1,500 to come in and teach to them.)

Strategy #11 -- This strategy works on all three levels -- getting new customers, getting existing customers to come in more often, and selling customers more when they do come in.  In particular, this one will pull customers into your restaurant that you couldn't get any other way.  And, it will create fiercely loyal customers.  And, all these customers are going to feel like they should spend a lot of money with you when they come in.  In addition, this strategy will have people all over your community talking about your restaurant.

Strategy #12 -- I'm going to save this strategy as a surprise for you...all I'm going to tell you is that it's going to be good for your business.  Beyond that, you've got to wait and see for yourself...

Are you starting to grasp hold of what these Restaurant Business-Building Strategies will do for you -- not only for your restaurant business but for you as a person?

There's more I need to tell you...

What This Is Not...

Now, just so it's clear, let me tell you what this is not...

  • This is not something that requires a big budget.  Rather, these strategies will work with even the smallest of budgets -- including a "boot-strappers" budget.

  • This is not something that requires hiring a staff of marketers to implement.  These strategies can be implemented by the solo-owner if need be.

  • This is not something where you have to figure it all out for yourself or create some of the pieces or parts by yourself.  On my end, I've created all the content and written all the pieces and parts that are needed within each strategy.  On your end, you simply plug in your restaurant's information and your customers information (which I show you how to gather up) and then duplicate the information as appropriate and as needed.

  • This is not fluff-material stuffed in a fancy package.  In fact, there's nothing fancy about how I've packaged this information.  Instead, this is serious information for the restaurateur who's serious about making more money with his or her restaurant.

  • This is not a silver-bullet where you receive something and everything "auto-magically" fixes itself.  The fact is, some "sweat equity" is required.  But, If you're willing to put some effort into implementing these strategies, then you'll also get to enjoy a bigger, richer bank account balance.

  • Similarly, this is not something you can hand off to some "flunky" who has no vested interest in your success.  Certainly, you can delegate where appropriate but in no case can you abdicate responsibility for the success of your restaurant.

For Your Security And Peace Of Mind...

Just so you can know for yourself that this is the real deal and that it will work for you, I've crafted three specific guarantees for you.  I don't know how to make it any easier or safer for you to go ahead and get this...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


When you receive your first Restaurant Riches Business-Building Strategy, take a close look at all the material you’ve received. If you determine that this kind of marketing and sales growth isn't for you, you can email me a refund request and I will see to it that you get a prompt, courteous, and full refund. Should you invoke this first guarantee, I will remove ALL of your information from my ENTIRE system and you will never hear from me again. Ever!

Promises Kept Guarantee


If, after you have gone through any one of the twelve Restaurant Riches Business-Building Strategies, you find that I have failed in any way to deliver everything that I’ve promised you in this letter, again, you simply email me a refund request and I will issue you a prompt, courteous, and full refund for that particular strategy. Should you invoke this second guarantee, you get to decide whether you want to receive future strategies or not.

Easy Disconnect Guarantee


You totally control how long you want to receive the Restaurant Riches Business-Building Strategies. When you are ready to stop receiving the strategies, you simply login to a webpage (the link is provided with each strategy), click a simple “Unsubscribe” button and you are automatically removed from the system. If you prefer a more personal touch, you simply call the toll-free phone number that’s on this same webpage and you'll be promptly removed from the system with no further obligations.

Here's What It Takes To Gain All This…

As you saw above, two of the strategies go for $1,500 each when I present the material -- that's $3,000 right there.  Plus, there's well over $20,000 worth of advertising and sales copywriting in the other ten strategies.  But, most importantly from your perspective is the positive effect these strategies will have on your restaurant business

Clearly, there's plenty of value wrapped up in these Restaurant Business-Building Strategies...

And, they're yours for a price that's fair to both of us...

The first Restaurant Riches Business-Building Strategy is yours for the "let's-get-acquainted" price of $49.

If you're really serious about growing your customer base and sales volume, you can afford this number.

You then have 30 days to implement this first business-building strategy and enjoy the surge of business and the inflow of cash that it generates for you.

After 30 days, as you are enjoying this new level of increased business, you will receive a second complete Restaurant Business-Building Strategy – a profit enhancing, sales growing, customer building, everything is there, nothing’s left out, anyone can do it kind of strategy – just like the first one was. The second and subsequent strategies are yours for the flat rate of $97 each.

So, there you have it all...

For a fair price...$49 for the first strategy and $97 for each subsequent strategy...

Get the new customers you want...

Get existing customers to come back more often...

Get customers to spend more when they come in...

Do this for yourself by getting these monthly Restaurant Business-Building Strategies.  Click this button...

$49 USD for the first strategy, $97 USD for each subsequent strategy.

Do You Want To Talk To A Person First?

Now, if you are thinking you would like to move forward but there is something I did not make clear ... or if there is some question I did not think to answer for you ... or there is something else you want to know before you move forward ... then you can phone me before you sign up to get these Restaurant Business-Building Strategies.  It is totally safe and risk-free to phone me at:

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If You're Just Not Ready At This Time (FREE)...

It may be that there is a genuine and legitimate reason for you to not go ahead and get these Restaurant Business-Building Strategies right now.

If so, I can appreciate and respect that.  I'd still like to send you some helpful restaurant marketing tips -- and these are totally FREE.

All you have to do is tell me how to get these FREE restaurant marketing tips to you...

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Whether you've decided to get the Restaurant Riches Business-Building Strategies or just the FREE restaurant marketing tips -- either way, I count it an honor to be a contributor to your success.


Lane Fox

PS: This is all about you getting the new customers you want, getting existing customers to come back more often, and getting customers to spend more when they come in.  This is your opportunity to make that happen for yourself...

$49 USD for the first strategy, $97 USD for each subsequent strategy.